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Model range of Formula

The brand Formula produces bowriders and open Yachts. There are 17 models from 7 to 15 meters.

About Formula

History of the company

Formula Shipyard is based in American Decatur, Indiana. It was formed by the merger of several manufacturers, including the legendary racer Don Aronov, famous for her speedboat line Formula. From there, the shipyard got its name. Since the 1970s, Formula has been run by the Porter family.

The most important figure in the shipyard's fate was Vic Porter, the head of the family. He has an innate entrepreneurial flair which has helped the firm to take one of the leading positions in the segment of boats and yachts in the market of the United States and far beyond the country.


In 2016 the Formula shipyard celebrated its 60th anniversary. Today, the third generation of the Porter family has already joined the company's management.


Since 1988, the Formula plant has been located in the state of Indiana, where 32,000 square meters of production space was originally built. With subsequent upgrades and extensions, the workshop space now exceeds 53,000 sqm.

Model range

The shipyard's portfolio includes ten lines and about 30 models: from small bowriders to high-speed yachts. In genetics of Formula high speed possibilities are put. Even aspiring to comfort onboard, shipyard engineers never forget that the main expectation of the client from these boats and yachts is impetuosity and abrupt turns. In terms of price/quality ratio Formula boats can be classified as Luxury-segment.

Among the models there are sports towboats, which are suitable for water sports enthusiasts, cabin cruise boats for people who appreciate the increased comfort in the water. Formula outdoor cruising yachts and boats with semi-closed saloon are designed for longer journeys.


Formula yachts are famous for their impressive 10 year warranty. In their production the highest quality materials are used (such as AME 5000 and Coremal resins) and advanced technologies are used, such as very resistant hull painting (DuPont Imron).

Discontinued yachts and boats Formula

Video of the builder Formula

Video tours of the builder's production site, reports from open days, dealer meetings, and other events

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