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Model range of Galeon

The brand Galeon produces enclosed Yachts with Hardtop and planing Yachts with Flybridge. There are 28 models from 9 to 26 meters in the current model range from 4 lines: Flybridge, Hardtop, Skydeck and Sport Cruiser.

About Galeon

History of the company

The Polish shipyard Galeon dates back to 1982, when the entrepreneurial Kobylko family started building fiberglass boats in Strazyn near Gdańsk. Over time, thanks to dedication and hard work, the company managed to stand out among other Polish manufacturers and reach the world level despite the fierce competition in this segment. Cooperation with such famous designers as Tony Castro or Roberto Curtò also contributed to success.

In 2002 the company divided into two areas the production of boats and yachts. Behind the yachts remained the name Galeon, and the boats 4-8 m long were built under the brand Galia.

Today the shipyard is the second Polish manufacturer of pleasure boats by turnover.

It is jointly owned by its founder, CEO Wieczyslaw Kobylko and his son Jacek. Around 10% of sales are to the domestic market, the rest are mainly exported to Europe, although in recent years Galeon boats have been actively supplied to the USA as well. According to statistics, the average length of the yachts has almost doubled in the last 10 years. Nowadays the production of the shipyard is at the same level with the boats of the leading world manufacturers in terms of quality and characteristics.



Production .

The shipyard's production capacity is impressive - it is among the largest in Europe. In 2010, in addition to the historic site, a second site on the Vistula River was opened with direct access to the Baltic Sea and its own marina for building and servicing larger yachts. The company has a full production cycle, with only electronics and engines supplied from outside.

Our own wood, steel and glass working divisions make it possible to implement the wishes of our customers in the customisation of Galeon boats with quality and speed.

By the way, here are ready to offer wishing to make a serial model with an individualized interior. Available at the shipyard and a test pool, where many systems are tested and calibrated. About 2,000 boats and yachts leave the slipway every year. The shipyard provides winter storage and maintenance services for Galeon yachts.

Model range

Galeon yachts are available in a wide range of models from 10 m to 25 m in length, open and hardtop, flybridge and sports bridge.

Features .

Galeon is still a family shipyard with its special, reverent attitude to production and details. And although the company's boats are as reliable, stylish and innovative as their Western European counterparts, their price tag is noticeably lower.

Discontinued yachts Galeon

Video of the builder Galeon

Video tours of the builder's production site, reports from open days, dealer meetings, and other events

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Documents of Galeon

In this section, you can download scans of articles about the builder in the media, a general brochure on the model range, price lists for the models and other materials.

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