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Model range of Bertram

The brand Bertram produces sportfishers. There are 2 models from 10 to 19 meters.

About Bertram

Company history

The history of the Bertram Yacht began in 1960 when Richard Bertram, an outstanding racer and also a successful yacht broker, won the Miami - Nassau competition with great advantage. He won a 9.4m Moppie wooden boat with a redesigned deep V hull circumference from «designer» Raymond Hunt. The boat showed 30 knots in the open sea, which seemed unbelievable at the time. In 1961, at the New York National Show, the shipyard presented its first model, the Bertram 31, this time made of composite but based on the Sea. Later on, Bertram's sporting experience became embodied in the shipyard's high-speed boats, many of which won various races in the 60s and 70s.

Bertram boats were in demand by various services and used as patrol boats, customs, firefighters and military.

Since the 70's, the company has been increasingly focused on the production of vessels for sport fishing, sportfishing.

Bertram Yacht was able to become not only the largest shipyard in Florida, but also to be among the most important world manufacturers. At its best, it had over a thousand employees. The year 1986 was marked by rapid growth in sales. However, in 1992, due to the introduction of a 10% tax on luxury in the U.S., the company is bankrupt with only 30 employees, and its assets are bought out by the Milan-based Gruppo Varasi. In 1998, the shipyard was taken over by the Ferretti Group. Today, Bertram Yacht builds exclusively sportsfishers.


Despite difficult times and a succession of changes in ownership, Bertram Yacht, once an icon of American industry, has risen from the ashes and continues to produce new models.

Production .

In 2015, the company was bought by Gruppo Gavio, which owns brands such as Baglietto and Cerri Cantieri Navali. The new owner has embarked on a brand revival and opened a factory in Tampa, Florida.

Model range

As of 2019, the shipyard is producing three models, the Bertram 35, 50 and 61, ranging from 10.7 to 18.6m. These yachts incorporate both Bertram classics (including the evolutionary development of their famous V-hulls) and new approaches to design and manufacture. They are perfect not only for fishing, but also for cruising away from shore, as they are designed to be «convertible».


The company was one of the first to start building offshore sportsfishers. Thanks to the superb seaworthiness and speed, achieved also by the successful modification of the «deep V»rings, Bertram yachts have become an everlasting favorite among «big fishing»enthusiasts.

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