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Model range of Delphia

The brand Delphia produces displacement Yachts and enclosed Yachts with Hardtop. There are 3 models from 10 to 13 meters.

About Delphia

History of the company

Polish shipyard Delphia Yachts was founded in 1990 by brothers Piotra and Wojciecha Kot in a small town Oletsko in the north of the country. Originally the company was called Sportlake and specialized in the production of sailing yachts. The shipyard has let out the first boat Sportina when only a few people worked in it. The proceeds from the sale and the borrowed funds were used to build its own production facilities and to purchase equipment to reduce rental costs.

In summer 2003 the shipyard rebranded and Delphia Yachts was born. It was decided to change the name because of the company's focus on foreign customers and the launch of the new Delphia range. In the mid-2000s, the company switched to the assembly line.

Despite the relatively small age of the shipyards, Delphia Yachts has become the largest boat manufacturer in Poland and is popular all over the world. Recently, the company's range of motor yachts has been expanded with the addition of motor boats.

Production .

Delphia Yachts plant is located in Oletsko, a town rich in sailing traditions. The company owns workshops with a total area of 12,900 square meters, where boats under its own brand are produced, as well as Uttern and Quicksilver models in partnership with Brunswick Marine.

The production capacity of the shipyard is worthy of respect - about 1400 motor boats and 240 sailing yachts are built here annually. But the company does not focus only on quantity, separate attention is paid to quality.

Models are designed using modern technology, and in the manufacture of high-quality and durable materials. Delphia Yachts has set itself an ambitious goal - to equal in quality and prestige with the Scandinavian shipbuilders.

Model range

The shipyard's range includes two lines of motor and sailing yachts. The first includes boats from 8 to 14 meters in length. These are Scandinavian-style sea SUVs, hardtop enclosed cruising yachts, displacement models (Nano boat) for canal and lake walks.

From sailing boats the shipyard produces cruising boats with a Mediterranean cockpit for comfortable travel and sports dinghies, which are popular with beginners and athletes.


Delphia Yachts keeps pace with the times, using advanced developments in the shipbuilding industry, and the manufacturer does not forget about the environment. The company invests in the development of environmental protection projects and optimizes production processes to reduce the negative impact on nature.

Videos of the builder Delphia

Video tours of the shipbuilding area at Delphia shipyard, Open House Day reports, dealer meeting reviews, and other events

День открытых дверей на верфи Delphia Yachts 2020 год

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