Italy, Forlì

Cantiere Del Pardo SpA

Via Fratelli Lumière, 34, 47122

Model range of Sly

The brand Sly produces luxury Cruising Yachts and performance Cruisers. There are 6 models from 11 to 19 meters.

About Sly

Italian group Sly Yachts is building racing and cruising sailing yachts from 35 to 61 feet. The hulls are made of fiberglass and carbon fiber composite, the yachts have an avant-garde and very recognizable exterior.

The history of Sly Yachts began in 2005 with just a few models, and in 2014 the company bought the Cantiere del Pardo shipyard, which holds the rights to the Grand Soleil sailing yachts. From now on the production base of the combined company is located near the east coast of the country in the city of Forli, and the area of construction sites is 20 thousand square meters.

Studio Lostuzzi Yacht Design & Engineering is now responsible for the concept and design of both brands. The main idea of Sly is an elegant modern design combined with excellent racing performance and a high level of comfort on board. All Sly models are built with carbon masts, geeks and rudders, which significantly reduces the weight of the yachts and has a positive impact on their dynamic performance. In cruising sailing management of yachts Sly is easy and brings pleasure to the owner. Most models can be equipped with a self-tilting jib, and some models allow the installation of a hybrid engine. The uniqueness of the solutions can be seen even in the most common devices, such as a tent and spray.

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