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Model range of Boesch

The brand Boesch produces classic Runabouts and wooden Powerboats. There are 8 models from 6 to 10 meters.

About Boesch

In the 20's Jakob Boesch bought the Swiss shipbuilding company Treichler & Co in Kielberg and on its basis created Boesch shipyard. Over the next two decades, the company was involved in the production, maintenance and repair of sailing, rowing and motor boats.

By the 40th, Jacob's son Walter Boesch came to the family business. He developed the first speedboats with Boesch-Horizon-Gliding technology. And his wife, with competent management, ensured the financial success of the company.

During the Second World War, the shipyard had difficulty supplying materials and fuel, so it temporarily abandoned the production of motor boats in favor of sailboats and rowing boats. But in the 50s Boesch resumed construction of sports motor boats. At the same time, mass production was launched and the Type 500 line was born, which formed the basis for the company's next models.

The 60s and 70s were a landmark years for the shipyard, and its popularity was constantly growing. Boesch boats were used for various races and were bought by celebrities from all over the world such as Romy Schneider, Peter Kraus, Freddy Quinn and Udo Jürgens.

In 1971, the third generation of the family, Klaus and Urs Boesch, joined the shipyard management. Under their management, production was moved to new halls in Silbrug. There the modern direction of the company started to form - construction of classic and sport boats from mahogany.

Today at the helm of the Boesch is already the fourth generation of the family - Klaus' son Markus Boesch, who preserves the traditions established almost 100 years ago.

Production .

In boat manufacturing, the shipyard does not deviate from principles and does not abandon the classic material - mahogany. At the same time the company is improving its technological processes. In order to increase the strength of the hull, the shipyard uses its own lamination technology (Boesch-Laminat-Technology, or BLT).

The lineup

Boesch produces eye-catching and timeless classic wooden runabouts. They are equipped with electric power units or internal combustion engines.

The newly developed 620 Series combines classic Boesch silhouettes with modern design. The 625 Series is a spacious and multifunctional Sunski 625 model that is suitable for both outdoor activities and relaxation.

The 710 Series models are the largest single-engine runabouts of the yard. The 750 and 860 series stand out for their spacious sun loungers at the stern. The 970 Series was the largest in the company's range and received the seaworthiness class B.

Features .

Wood is one of the most capricious materials and therefore full automation of construction is impossible. Each Boesch model, as well as almost a century ago, is made manually, which guarantees control at all stages of production and unsurpassed quality.

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