Norway, Fredrikstad

Hydrolift AS

Mosseveien 53, 1610

Model range of Hydrolift

The brand Hydrolift produces cuddy Cabin Boats and speedboats and Racing Boats. There are 16 models from 6 to 13 meters.

About Hydrolift

Company history

The Norwegian Hydrolift shipyard appeared in 1985 100 km from Oslo. Even then, the company sought to create fast and efficient boats suitable for relaxation and high-speed walks in all parts of the world.

Since 2002 the company has been managed by Bård Eker. Hydrolift is now concentrating on the production of high-tech boats suitable for high speeds and to enjoy the handling.

In recent years, Hydrolift boats have won several awards from the Norwegian Design Consulate for their outstanding and thoughtful appearance.

In 2016, the company presented a range of X-Serieswhich, according to Aker, is intended for the wider masses. These boats are easy to operate and require little maintenance, but their characteristics and quality are no different from larger models, even though they are smaller.

Status .

It's working.


The shipyard is located in Fredrikstad town south of Oslo. In 2018, a team of 44 people worked on the Hydrolift boats. The entire production chain is located entirely in Norway. Modern modeling and analysis technologies are actively used in the design process.

Model range

The Hydrolift range is divided into three series: Professional, in which the company uses a proprietary modular design, luxurious Signature with deep customization and the most accessible. X-Series...while offering excellent quality. In the catalogue you can find speedboats, SUVs with trawler cabin, boats with hardtop, caddy boothwith a closed salon, as well as cruise boats and bowriders. Size of models is 6-11 meters on average, larger models are available on special order.


The hulls of the Hydrolift boats are designed with an emphasis on maximum energy efficiency: the boats achieve high speeds with low fuel consumption. This gives the Hydrolift models an aerodynamic, modern profile. Most boats are made of carbon fibre. The fact that Hydrolift products are speed oriented does not mean that the company does not care about comfort: the well thought-out Scandinavian design, embodied in high-quality materials, is not inferior to the equipment of some superyachts.

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