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Model range of Holterman

The brand Holterman produces displacement Yachts and motor Yachts with Steel Hull. There are 7 models from 15 to 19 meters.

About Holterman

History of the company

Holterman Shipyard in the Netherlands started building boats half a century ago. The shipyard was founded by J. Holterman and De Vries in 1967 in Vanneperven.

During the economic crisis in the Netherlands in the early 80's, when many of the country's shipbuilding companies went bankrupt, Holterman not only did not close down, but on the contrary, started to develop intensively. Since its foundation, the shipyard has built over 500 ships.

«We never gave much advertising, - said Holterman not without pride. - We spent that money on the boats we built.

In 1991, the company was taken over by Robert Holterman, son of the founder of Holterman. From that moment on the company started building luxury yachts to order. In 2012, the Holterman 60 Governor won the «European Boat of the Year award.

Holterman Shipyard is involved in major projects in cooperation with other companies. For example, together with Dutch Premium Yachts, the shipyard has built 18 tourist boats for a major client in China.

Production .

Although Holterman initially launched production in Vanneperven, Holterman has been building Holterman vessels at his own sites in Meppel, the Netherlands, for decades. The shipyard has been tuned for the full cycle of work.

Model range

Holterman Shipyard builds displacement yachts, expedition yachts and trawlers as well as motor yachts with steel hull. Modern models are available in lengths from 15 to 20 meters, the design of which can be changed to suit the needs of the client.


Holterman Shipyard does not offer custom yachts, but ready-made ones so that, according to the company, the customer does not have to wait 1.5 years. The chosen yacht can be modified at will of the client and equipped with additional equipment.

Besides, the company offers clients refit of yachts - restoration, upgrade and modernization of existing vessels according to the latest trends in the industry.

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