Model range of ABIM-Classic

The brand ABIM-Classic produces displacement Yachts. There are 2 models from 10 to 13 meters.

About ABIM-Classic

The history of the company

The Dutch company ABIM Yachting, founded by Dinie and Peter Oord, started its activity in 2002, and at first it was a school of navigation for those who decided to go on small motor boats. Hence the origin of the name - an abbreviation of the motto of the school, in translation from the Dutch sounds like every «undertaking is not easy. And the experience gained from teaching has played a role in the further development of the yard's yacht design. The company's engineers are actively involved in marine testing of yachts in different regions of Europe, the information and experience gained are subsequently taken into account in the design of new models. The yachts are popular at home as well as in Germany and Belgium.


It's working.


The production site of the shipyard is located in the province of Overijssel in the east of the country. ABIM semi-custom yachts are made of steel and the interior is dominated by precious woods. During the period of the shipyard's existence more than 80 yachts have departed from the slipways. These are quite expensive boats, however, like most other yachts made in the Netherlands.

Model range

The company builds displacement vessels in a conservative style, 11-15 m long, with large living volumes and high autonomy. These yachts are very popular in the Netherlands and are characterized by the folding top of the upper deck with the outboard control station. Recently, in addition to the ABIM Classic series, a new ABIM Ellips series has been launched, with even higher performance and progressive design.


ABIM yachts stand out from the crowd on the impressively large aft deck, which will be appreciated by those who like to travel with family or in large company.

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