Model range of Altena

The brand Altena produces motor Yachts with Steel Hull and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 7 models from 12 to 20 meters.

About Altena

Company history

The founder of Altena Yachting is Gerard Pols, who started his business as a hobby. He loved working with diesel engines and, deepening his knowledge in this field, he became interested in shipbuilding. In the end Pauls decided to build his own yacht.

Pauls' tiny shipyard was in the garden of his home and his wife and children were the first employees. He conceived of building a 9.5 metre yacht and spent all his free time on it to make his dreams come true with his own hands, but before launching the yacht a buyer was found and it was sold. The money raised from the sale of the yacht became the initial capital for Pauls, and so Altena Yachting began its existence in 1969.

Altena Yachting has now become a successful international yacht builder with a wide range of models and distributors worldwide.

Production .

Altena Yachting yachts are being built at the shipyard in the channel of the Maas River in Northern Brabant, which is actually a canal. Bergse-Maas. There is also a company administrative office near the shipyard.

Model range

Altena Yachting's portfolio is rich with luxury boats from 12 to 20 meters: motor yachts for inland waterways (CE-C), coastal cruisers (CE-B) and offshore yachts (CE-A). By type of vessel, Altena Yachting offers expedition yachts and trawlers, motor yachts with steel hull and for old school lovers - hardcore yachts. vintage steamships.


Although Altena Yachting also builds sea-going yachts, the company has unrivalled experience in building vessels for inland waterways - rivers and canals that abound in the Netherlands, as well as coastal yachts.

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