Model range of Keus

The brand Keus produces monotype Keelboats. There are 1 model 6.5 meters.

About Keus

Company history

In 1989 the famous Dutch yachtsman Peter Keus founded a yacht school in Friesland. Sailing club Keus Sailing is located on the shore of a large shallow lake Slotemer. In building his yachting education and training system, Peter concluded that he needed a special boat capable of achieving high results in the strong gusty winds and shallow waters typical of the lakes and bays of the Netherlands. This was the idea behind the Keus 22 monotype, which was born in 2008. To create the boat, Peter brought in his friends and partners. Delftship BV did the calculations for the design, Andela Scheepsvormtechniek and Vabo built the composite hull and the sails were made by Gaastra. Now Peter Keus' company combines services in sailing art training, sailboat rental, as well as sales of yachts of its own design under the Keus brand.


The company works. The production of yachts is carried out according to preliminary orders.

Production .

Keus does not have its own production workshops. All work, including the design and manufacture of the enclosures, is carried out by subcontractors under the personal control and supervision of Peter Keus.

Model range

Keus branded yachts are currently manufactured at 22 feet (Keus 22) in 4 versions: Basic, Tour, Fun and Win. Basic and Tour models are designed for lake camping, popular in the Dutch lake and canal system. In the Fun version there is an asymmetrical spinnaker, which gives the boat sporting qualities. And the Win model is already a full-fledged bolide equipped with a racing rankout and rigging, as well as a trapeze.

Design Keus 22 is certificated on category CE-C.

The boats are suitable for sailing on large lakes, bays and river deltas.

Keus 22 was nominated for the European Yacht of the Year 2012.

Features .

With his design, Peter Keus has succeeded in solving problems typical of shallow sailing yachts, such as insufficient dynamic qualities and low stability. With a draft of only 90 cm, these boats retain a positive restoring torque at a 90 degree roll.

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