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ООО «Компан Марин Системс»

ул. Маршала Говорова, д. 52, 198095

Model range of Kompan Marine

The brand Kompan Marine produces boats with Outboard Engines and rIB Boats. There are 10 models from 6 to 12 meters.

About Kompan Marine

The history of the company

Formally, the history of Kompan Marine dates back to 1990, when by order of a Finnish athlete the future director of the future shipyard Alexander Taranenko built a boat designed by Dmitry Vasilyev. This was not Taranenko's first experience in construction. Back in the early 1980s he« experimented»with the construction of composite yachts together with young designers from the student design bureau LKI Ocean.

Since its foundation in the early 90s Kompan Marine has continued to work with composite materials. In 1996 the company was one of the first in Europe to establish composite production by vacuum pressing and then infusion.

After 20 years, Kompan Marine has been fulfilling other composite manufacturing orders in addition to enclosures.

The first Kompan Marine models were small displacement trailer sailboats up to 10 m long.

Taking into account high quality and low production costs, such boats were well received both in Russia and Europe.

But Kompan Marine has really gained popularity thanks to the development and production of the RIB RX range. Having started as an experimental development, RIBs from Kompan Marine quickly gained popularity in the coastal regions of the Far East and the Baltic States.

Status .

She is active.


The shipyard Kompan Marine is in the northwest of St.-Petersburg. The shipyard is being actively expanded and new facilities for the construction of hulls and products made of polymer composite materials are being launched.

More than 20 people were permanently employed in the production. Up to 100 people are involved in the execution of some orders on a contract basis.

Model range

Having started as a sailing shipyard, Kompan Marine continues to produce sailing yachts from 7.5 m in length.

The shipyard was one of the first Russian yachts to be certified to the European CE standard.

Trailer sailing dinghy Alekstar 25 once caused a furor on small water areas of Russia and Europe. In total about 50 hulls were built.
Sportsman Alekstar 767 has all the «chips» of a loaded club racer, but with the ability to shelter from the weather or even overnight. The almost 12-metre A38 Express Cruiser offers a high level of comfort in coastal navigation, but again, with a focus on speed.

At one time a very popular RIB «RX-600» opened the future line of severe seafaring ERICs «. In total, more than 60 hulls were built. Later, several more models were added to the 600th.


Experienced builders of «RIBs» and small sailing yachts, Kompan Marine has concentrated most of the production cycle within a single facility. Here the boats are designed, built and equipped. Alexander Taranenko, director of the shipyard, personally takes part in the design works as well as in various rallies and long-distance trips on the vessels of his production.

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