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Model range of Spray

The brand Spray produces monotype Keelboats. There are 3 models from 5 to 10 meters.

About Spray

The history of the company

The future founders of Spray Cooperative«», Sergey Kislyakov and Yuri Kryuchenkov, already had experience in yacht building. In the 70's they built a 7m Cinderella a«n»d in 1983 a semi-tonnage «ST31 White» «Sable was launched. Not surprisingly, in the late '80s they thought about their own company. Their first production site was located on the territory of the Civil Aviation Plant in Koltsovo. In cooperation with design bureau from Leningrad Rikoshet «design group starts» production of mini-cruiser Rikoshet «550 series in full» accordance with international rules of Micro class.

Soon the enterprise already cooperates with Kazarin a«nd K where»manufacture of hulls of yachts is adjusted. Masts and rankings also on an outsourcing - are ordered in the various enterprises of region. Actually, company Spray is engaged in designing, assembly and equipment of yachts.

Unquenchable passion of shipyard founders for sailing races became a catalyst of sailing boom not only in the Urals but all over Russia.

In the 90's there are a lot of national and international competitions with participation of Micro class, as well «as»other shipyard models.

The most famous of these regattas are the «White Nights in» St. Petersburg and the International Match Race. «Java-Trophy» In Yekaterinburg, which was awarded a Grade 1 according to ISAF classification.

Together with the successful performance of Russian Micro-class «yachtsmen in the» international arena, popularization of sailing races helped Spray «to develop» its production and sales.

Status .

Having survived a lot of shocks, Spray continues to build the famous Ural boats.


The basic part of cases, decks and all case equipment is made in Nizhni Tagil by Kazarin «and K company. Directly in Ekaterinburg boats are assembled, painted and equipped with the necessary equipment. In production work a little more than 20 people.

Model range

Since its foundation, Spray «»Shipyard has specialized in the construction of fiberglass yachts and dinghies in lengths from 4.5 to 12 meters. Having started literally with one model, the company has considerably expanded a line of offered yachts. Now includes club racing yachts («Spray 600» with open cockpit), cruising yachts (Sputnik«15),»racing yachts (Rikoshet559«,»Rikoshet747 «and SM550») and quarter-tonne«Rikoshet940»«. It is especially worth highlighting the large models of the shipyard. These are «Ricochet1220» and Spray42. All boats «are» built to order by Spray.

Interestingly, even in small sizes, cruising boats such as «Spray» and Ricochet«are»quite inhabitable: there are berths, gas stoves and bathrooms.

The manufacturer gives a large number of options when ordering a boat. Most boats from Spray«»are trailer.

Features .

The presence of a large number of rivers and lakes has determined the specificity of the range of spray «shipyard . These are small cruising and cruising boats and dinghies, well adapted to sailing in confined and shallow water areas.

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