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Model range of Island Packet Yachts

The brand Island Packet Yachts produces sailing Cruisers with Mediterranean Cockpit and sailing Yachts with Central or Protected Cockpit. There are 7 models from 11 to 16 meters.

About Island Packet Yachts

Company history

The American brand Island Packet Yachts was launched in 1979. Its founder, Bob Johnson, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Shipboard «Devices and worked at Irwin Yachts and Endeavour Yachts yards for» some time until he decided to build boats according to his own designs.

The brand was named after Bob's first development, the 26-foot Island Packet, a modified version of the Bombay Express: Bob bought a matrix of a yacht with a 10-foot mast and catboat proportions from the ruined Bombay Trading Company.

«In boat design, music, and anything else you can't know for sure how successful a particular design is,"»says Bob, and therefore is not afraid of experimenting.

He originally worked for his company as an engineer, purchasing and sales manager, architect, but now Island Packet Yachts employs 200 people. So far the brand has produced more than 2,200 yachts which can be found all over the world and proudly calls itself a leader in «building cruising yachts in the USA.

Production .

Island Packet Yachts is located in Pinellas County, Florida, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The company has a nine acre site with over 11,000 square feet of production.

Model range

The company's model range includes both central or protected cockpit yachts and motorcycle saloons. The length of the yachts is from 37 to 53 feet. All yachts are designed with an emphasis on durability and comfort. The Island Packet 380 won the Best «Value Award in 1999 and is» recognized as the best yacht with the best size/cost ratio, best service and maintenance cost and best residual value. The company is confident in its development and therefore offers a 10-year warranty on all models against deck stratification and degradation as well as an osmosis warranty for the same period.


The original Island Packet design combines a U-shaped body with a classic long keel. This combination is what sets Island Packet apart from most people: when Bob Johnson started developing his designs, the U-hull boats were equipped with a short keel, while the long keel versions were shaped like a backpack. By combining the two concepts, he was able to improve yacht performance, increase interior space, reduce draught, strengthen the hull and protect the propeller and rudder pen. Another difference between these yachts is the long deckhouse.

In the 70's Bob Johnson chose technological fiberglass as the main material for his yachts, and it is still used today. The masts are made of carbon fibre.

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