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Model range of Maxi Dolphin

The brand Maxi Dolphin produces luxury Cruising Yachts and performance Cruisers. There are 11 models from 9 to 36 meters.

About Maxi Dolphin

History of the company

«Concept of beauty individually. The important thing is that no matter what beautiful things are, they don't make sense if they can't be shared»- this is the worldview Vittorio Moretti had when he founded Maxi Dolphin in 1987. As the founder of the new shipyard and the famous Italian wine producer Bellavista admitted, «I was building a shipyard to have fun and to learn to work with carbon fiber composite». The first Maxi Dolphin yacht built was named Carmen di Bellavista. Designed by Bruce Farr, the 73 foot sailing boat was raced by Moretti himself. The next project was a 118-foot sailboat designed by Hermann Frers Viriella. Since then the company has built around 300 yachts, including the monotype Joker and Dolphin 81 projects.

Among the recent famous projects Maxi Dolphin 100-foot Nomade IV, 75-foot Carma. In 2007 Maxi Dolphin started production of high-speed motor yachts and tenders using advanced technology and experience gained by the shipyard over the years of building sailing yachts.


The company headquarters are located in Erbusco, near the city of Brescia. There is also the Maxi Dolphin production site, which occupies more than 2700 square meters of indoor space and is equipped with a baking «oven for» composite materials and bodies up to 36 meters long. The company recently opened an additional Sea Office in Chiavari on the Ligurian coast, which is engaged in brand development in Italy and abroad.

Status .

Maxi Dolphin works within the Moretti Group, which also operates in the industrial construction, hotel and restaurant sectors.

Model range

Maxi Dolphin builds custom and semi-custom luxury sailing and motor yachts in carbon fiber composite up to 36 meters in length. The shipyard cooperates with the architectural companies Roberto Starkel, Germán Frers, Bruce Farr, Luca Brenta Design, Bill Tripp and Finot-Conq.

Features .

From the very beginning the shipyard has taken one of the key positions in the segment of sailing maxi yachts, combining 3 key elements for the production of yachts for individual projects and orders: the latest technology, composite materials and high quality assembly. Carbon fiber, epoxy resins and other latest generation materials are used not only for hull and deck construction, but also for interior construction elements. The speed and seaworthiness of Maxi Dolphin sailboats is confirmed by their successful participation in numerous regattas.

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