How itBoat Works

itBoat is a search service for the search and selection of boats and yachts: motor and sailing, new and used, from shipyards around the world.

The main sections of the service include the following:

  • Catalog: the database of world manufacturers of yachts and their products – models of motor yachts, boats and sailing yachts.
  • Magazine: articles on the topic of yachting.

The itBoat catalog is a global database of boat and yacht models. It is needed to search for and select new boats available to order for purchase. 

Through the feedback form in the directory, you can order a call from the verified seller and request more detailed information on the models of interest, including delivery times and a detailed price list.

What does “itBoat” mean: The story behind our name

The name itBoat comes from the combination of the words "it" and "boat". The word "it" stands for information technology, and also refers to the slang expression "it girl", which originated in Britain in the first half of the 20th century. This expression, denoting an attractive, stylish girl, was widely used in glossy magazines. Later, the word "it" began to be used in relation to attractive men as well. Today the new meaning of the word it is fixed in dictionaries. Two interpretations of the name itBoat reflect the essence of the project: on the one hand, it is a web service for the search and selection of yachts, on the other, a lifestyle magazine about yachts and yachting, in which we talk about the most relevant, attractive, stylish models of boats. More about the name

What can be done using itBoat?

 Сhoose the shipyard and yacht models in our directory

  • via a general search site, using tips
  • via the search form on the main page or within the Catalog section by name, length, budget and categories
  • via type in the library of categories

Compare boats with one another

Compare prices and specifications of different models. On the model page in the directory or ad in the market, click on the “Add to Compare” button.

The comparative table of characteristics will appear on a special page. You can go to it in two ways: clicking the “comparison” on the navigation pane (desktop) or by clicking on the “Burger” on the navigation pane and then on the comparison button.

Contact the representatives of the seller you wish to consult and order a new boat

Itboat does not sell yachts directly. We convey your request to partners – experts selling certain types of yachts. On leaving your contact information, you will receive a letter with your expert contacts. The expert undertakes to contact you within two days, but if you wish, you can contact them yourself.

Why not contact the seller directly?

The same model can be sold by different official distributors, regional dealers or independent sellers. There are also shipyards that work with customers directly, without dealers, but since they are usually located abroad, there is a problem of “difficulty of translation” and effective remote communication between people of different cultures.

It is not easy to understand this manifold yourself. It took us more than 10 years of work in this market.

As a result, we can confidently recommend and choose the company that

  1. Has an official status and is verified by the shipyard
  2. Has extensive experience in transactions with yachts of your chosen type
  3. Is verified by us for professionalism and honesty
  4. Is close to you and speaks the same language as you
  5. Sells boats at the official prices of the shipyard, without “cheating”, and will even help knock out an additional discount from the shipyard, which is difficult to get “off the street”
  6. Will, in general, save you a lot of time and nerves

Thus, you will receive a yacht at absolutely the same price you’d get if you directly communicated with the manufacturer. But since you have an independent professional assistant at your side, you will get a better product, without unnecessary imposed options and with more careful control over the fulfillment of obligations by the shipyard. And the whole process of ordering and building will be easier, faster and more relaxed.

Read articles about yachts and yachting in the Itboat

Magazine articles are broken through the headings. You can see the list of headings at the top of the log section.

Itboat magazine makes a bet on long rides: Detailed material about yachts and the yacht industry. By using the tag “Encyclopedia,” you can read everything about how to search, choose and buy yachts. With the tag “How-to,”– you can read up on how to manage, maintain and operate a yacht.

Old sections of the magazine: News, photo of the day and photo galleries are transferred to the archive. For updates, you can monitor our social networks: FB, VK, TG, IG.

Become an itBoat Author

Why sign up for itBoat?

To use the comparison tool, you must be registered on the site. Also, registered users do not need to enter their email every time in the form of a consultation request and a call back.

The required minimum for registration is confirmed by email and the name (or nickname).

After registering, you will have a profile on the site and your personal account, where you can edit your profile.

Additionally, registration makes it possible to subscribe to the Itboat newsletter containing important news from the world of yachting and the announcements of updates on the portal.

And what about the protection of my data?

Itboat does not transmit your contacts to anyone except the seller. The company-seller undertakes not to transfer your data to third parties.

The same applies to requests for information on advertisements posted on the market.

More information about this is available in our privacy policy.

Have questions? Have suggestions for improving the work of the portal? Write to us.