How to buy a yacht with itBoat

You can search and buy new yachts in the itBoat Catalog. The itBoat catalog is a global database of boat models. It can be used to search and select new boats available for purchase to order. To search for pre-owned yachts for sale, use the Market.

Through the feedback form in the Catalog, you can request a callback from a trusted seller to get more detailed information on the models of interest, including delivery times and a price list.

There are several ways to search yachts in the itBoat database. Below are the most common scenarios.

I know exactly which boat or yacht model I like. How will the catalog help me?

Quickly get all the basic information on the model / models of interest

Simply start typing in the name of the model or shipyard in the site search form on the navigation bar. In the "tips" select the one you need.

Find other models with similar parameters

On the pages of models and shipyards there is a block "similar". The alternatives are selected by our algorithm.

Compare models with each other

Click the "Add in Comparison" button and get a comparison table for the main technical specifications of the selected models. Your choice will be saved in your personal account, even if you close the tab (for this you must be registered on itBoat). No one but you will see it.

I have a budget and a rough understanding of what I want from the boat

Use the catalog search form inside the catalog section or on the main page of the site

Filter boats by length, cost and type. In the search results, the most popular models from manufacturers with a good reputation will rank higher than the others.

I am a beginner and do not know at all where to start looking for a yacht that suits me

Explore our encyclopedia of yacht categories

The category pages have a clear description, a list of shipyards that build boats of this type and list of models of this type, ranked by popularity. So, for example, in a couple of clicks you can get an idea of ​​the market of boats for fishing or for wakeboarding, a selection of cabin cruisers or yachts with flybridge.

Contact our specialists for advice. It's free

We provide an opportunity to receive online consultation in real time. To do this, use the "Open Chat" button.

Ok, I’ve chosen the yacht (s). How can I buy it now?

Through "Send an Inquiry" button

Use the button on the page of the selected model or models - we will connect you with trusted partners

How do you choose your yacht sales partners?

By several parameters. Our partners:

  • are verified by the shipyard and have official status
  • have experience and reputation in the market
  • are near you and speak the same language with you
  • sell boats at the official shipyard prices, without cheating, and can even get an additional discount from the shipyard

As a result you save time and nerves.

Become an itBoat partner

What about personal data protection?

 itBoat undertakes not to share your data with anyone other than the specialist in the sale of the selected yacht model (s).

For more information, see our Privacy Policy.