How to sell a yacht with itBoat

 If you want to sell your yacht, you have two options. 

  1. You can do it yourself by posting a listing on itBoat Market and other online markets 
  2. or entrust the sale of your yacht to professionals.

 How to list a boat on itBoat Market

 Step 1. Register on the itBoat website

 When registering, fill in the contact information that you want to be published in your listing.  It is better to indicate both phone number and email.

 Do not neglect the avatar: it will be visible in the selling block of your listing next to your contacts.

 Do not forget to set the condition "Contacts are visible to all users" in your profile.  Otherwise, only registered and logged in users will see your contacts in the listing. 

 Step 2. Use the "Add a listing" button in the Market section or in your profile page. 

You can only sell yachts of those brands and models which are featured in the Catalog.  This guarantees high quality of listings and greatly simplifies the process of creating ones. Our system takes main specifications of the boat from the Catalog and autocompletes fields in the form. But it is always possible to manually clarify individual parameters such as engines or the number of cabins.

 If your yacht is not in the Catalog, please write to us. We will promptly add it in the Catalog and you’ll be able to list your boat on the Market..

 Step 3: Give as detailed a description of your yacht as possible

 The more information, the more trust in the seller.  Use the built-in editor tools to highlight subheadings and create lists (such as options).  Be sure to divide the text into paragraphs - it is much easier to read it this way.

 Step 4: Add live photos of your yacht

 Again, the more photos the better.  The better they are, the better.  We do not accept photos of yachts from brochures and photos with copyrights and watermarks. To change the order of the photos, click and drag them in the editor.

 Step 5: Click "publish" and wait for the moderator to check

 Usually verification takes no more than 24 hours.  You will see in your profile when the listing is moderated and appears on the site.  If your listing takes too long to be moderated, write to us.

 Your listing will be posted as a listing of a private person. If you are a representative of a broker, write to us. We will create your company page on our site and link your profile to the company.  Your listings will be published on behalf of the company.

Users will be able to see all of your current listings on your company page. The more detailed the seller's company profile is, the more likely it is to attract additional search traffic to your listing.  

 What do I get if I trust the sale of a yacht to a professional

Your time saved

     According to statistics, if a yacht does not find a buyer in the first three months after entering the market, the search for a buyer takes a year or more.  There can be many reasons why the yacht is stuck in the market.  The most common:

    • the price tag is incorrectly set
    •  documents are out of order
    •  no surveyor's opinion
    •  bad marketing

     To sell a yacht quickly, you need to do it on purpose, know the market and be a good marketer.

    Your money saved

    The longer the yacht is looking for its buyer, the more it loses in value;  the more money you spend on maintaining it.  Buyer representatives will bombard you in order to bring down the price.  You will spend separately on the services of a lawyer, surveyor, photographer, paid placement on online marketplace — all this without a guarantee of the result.

     By concluding an exclusive contract with the company, you will pay the agreed amount once after the boat is sold.  Usually it is 10% of the sale value, of which the seller company will give 6% to the buyer's representative company, another 2% will be spent on marketing and advertising the yacht.

    Your confidentiality untouched

     You don't have to endlessly receive calls from potential buyers, other selling companies, or just interested ones.

     itBoat cooperates with verified companies that can be trusted to sell a yacht.  Here is a list of our key partners.

    If you want the professionals to take care about finding your yacht a new owner, please contact us.