Specifications of Hanse 315

The sailing yacht Hanse 315 is produced by the brand Hanse since 2016. Hanse 315 is a 9.62 meters cruising yacht with a Mediterranean cockpit with 2 guest cabins and the draft of 1.85 meters. The yacht with fiberglass / grp hull has CE certification class (A) and can go in open ocean.

9.62m  / 31' 7"
3.35m  / 11'
1.85m  / 6' 1"
Displacement, t
4.7 (half load)
Fuel capacity, l
Water tank, l
Passenger capacity
Berths for guests
Rigging and keel
Single-masted (sloop)
mainsail – 29.5 m2
genoa – 17.5 m2
CE class
A – Океан
Hull type
Hull material
Fiberglass / GRP
Modern / Mainstream
Type by usage
Deck arrangement
With mediterranean cockpit
Manufacturer's data
Period of manufacture
from 2016

Overview of Hanse 315

Exterior and Interior Design

The most compact cruising sailing yacht in the range with the Mediterranean Cockpit Hanse 315 was presented in 2015 and won the title of «European Boat of the Year. The interior»spaces are filled with natural light and are available in several colors.

Facilities on board.

In the standard package, the cockpit is equipped with a tiller, but optionally it can be replaced with two handwheels, which makes it comfortable to operate with any tack. Also in the second version, there is space for a table at the stern. The lower deck has a small L-shaped galley, two separate cabins, a dining area and a bathroom. There is also a good fuel reserve for 100 litres and a water tank for 250 litres.


The boat is designed more for family yachting. In the basic set the 315 is equipped with an automatic staysail, maybe in some situations this will lead to a loss of speed, but there is no need to be distracted by the sails and it is easier to sail alone. However, if you wish, you can always choose other weapons and put the gene.

Swimming area

The Hanse 315 was the first production sailboat in its class to be CE certified in Category A (as opposed to even the larger 348) and can go out into the ocean. The boat comes with a 1.85 metre keel as standard. For shallow waters, an optional 1.37 metre keel is provided, but then it is not recommended to go further than the sea in this package.

Videos about Hanse 315

Video reviews, room tours, and test drives sailing yacht Hanse 315 by the manufacturer and independent experts. Videos of presentations and exhibitions, and open water shootings.

Обзор Hanse 315 с электрическим двигателем

Верфь всегда предлагала революционные решения и нарушала устоявшиеся правила. Hanse 315 e-motion обладает электрическим двигателем, винт которого установлен в пере руля, что значительно улучшает маневренность лодки.
HanseYachts AG 14.11.2018

Официальный трейлер Hanse 315

Лодка отвечает требованиям всех будущих владельцев, независимо от того, предпочитают ли они парусный спорт, расслабленный яхтинг или любят проводить время вместе на борту с семьей и друзьями. Подробнее о яхте в этом видео.
HanseYachts AG 12.11.2018

Hanse 315 documents

In this section, you can download a brochure, a price list covering available options, a standard specification, graphs and tables containing test drive data, or scans of articles about Hanse 315 model.

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