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Pinch us. Is this really not a dream?

It looks like the biggest initiative of the authorities to support the yachting market in Russia will start this season. On Friday at the general meeting of the Association of Shipping Companies (ASC) Deputy Minister of Transport Viktor Olersky announced that rules for inland waterways of the Russian Federation for vessels flying the foreign flag were being prepared. The draft document has already been published and is already published and is available for everyone. This is a "by-law" to the revolutionary changes in the Code that were approved by the President's signature last summer.

The rules are promised to be adopted by the end of March. Victor is one of the main "motors" of this legislative initiative, he knows firsthand how the industry works, and we believe that he will bring it to an end in due time. After a cursory examination After a cursory glance at the document, we see that it is logical enough and, not afraid of this word, loyal to the boat owner.

The sceptics are shamed. It looks like it is really not a "bang", but a real relief, which will change the situation on the yacht market forever.

The only thing not fully clarified right now is the need for pilotage in certain areas. However the areas are not yet specified in the document itself. In case it turns out that the whole Volga river needs a pilotage, it is not going to be so lucky. Also, it would be interesting to hear the position of the State Hydrometeorological Inspectorate (SMI) on this idea.

We will definitely clear up these questions in the nearest time, but meanwhile - keep your fingers crossed. Apparently the coming season is going to be hot!

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