Thanks to Kate Winslet from Richard Branson.

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The island of Necker, owned by Richard Branson, has been hit hard by Hurricane Irene currently raging in the Caribbean, according to Richard himself on his blog and Twitter. In particular, the main building, a Balinese-style villa, was completely destroyed by fire after being struck by lightning. None of the members of the Branson family and guests of the resort, including actress Kate Winslet, were injured.

Branson sadly notes that thousands of photos and many of his notebooks with notes were lost in the fire, but maintains his trademark positive attitude: "Thank God everyone is alive and well. Disasters like this make you realize what's really important in life. We stay here and we will definitely rebuild from the ruins, it will be even better than before."

In this truly extreme situation, Richard even found room for humor: "Thanks to Kate Winslet, who selflessly helped carry my 90-year-old mother, occasionally wondering when the director would say, 'Cut, cut!"

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