Spring is coursing through my veins

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At first, when we saw this video, we were spitting - there was an impression of cheap tabloid reading. But after watching it for the second time (it's not even clear what made us do it), we realized that it hits the left ventricle of our heart with ruthless precision, when we ourselves dream of a leisurely and stylish round-the-world trip for our pleasure!

Finally we were convinced of the high quality of the product by reading the blog of the project founder (yes, this is only the first episode - there will be more to come): he is not only a yachtsman, but also a professional photographer/videographer (how else to call a person who does the whole chain of creating high-quality video content, from the idea to self-promotion?)

In general, we liked the style of filming - reminiscent of French films of the 70s, with a slightly faded and worn film, Alain Delon, intrigue and romantic music a la Francis Ley for "Man and Woman" by Lelouch... Wait, that's what it's all about - it smells like spring and love here! Forever. Welcome to the off-season - if not on the street, then at least in our magazine.

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