Good move by the WPSF

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Yesterday the Russian Sailing Federation announced new details of the Russian Championship in the Optimist class this year. It should be said that they are significant and worth talking about.

What is offered to athletes (and not only them)?

  • First, they can't enter the championship without being selected in their federal district, and there are special qualifying events for that purpose in each district. This should increase competition between athletes and raise the level of the Championship itself by eliminating those riders who will not qualify for it.
  • Secondly, a special set-off is introduced which should (according to the plan of the organisers) promote competition between domestic manufacturers of Optimists. Special Shipyard Cup has been founded, which will be awarded to the manufacturer of dinghies who will win the largest number of places in the top ten of the Russian Championship.

At first sight, such decision is expected to arouse interest in the event which will be held in St.Petersburg at the base of the yacht clubHercules from August, 3 till August, 12 (the organizing organization sport-clubSailing). The itBoat editorial staff hopes that this step will be followed by other systematically thought-out solutions to help popularise sailing.

P.S. by the way, according to the Executive director of WFSU Oskar Konyukhovthe first application for participation in the qualifying competition came just a minute after the publication of this news on the website VPSS

P.P.S. The Russian Yachting Federation has contacted itBoat's editorial office and asked to correct part of our post because the original information about the Regulations, presented on the website of the Russian Yachting Federation, was not coordinated with the Executive Committee of the Russian Yachting Federation, which has already caused internal conflict in the Federation. We are waiting for news!

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