Love under sail

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The issues of love, spring, boiling blood and joy of life have already been discussed on our blog. But that was a story about beautiful relationships in a family of yachtsmen, the history of which in the present has not been a year or two. And this story is more about the desire and hope for a happy future.

The connection between the sea element and the passions raging in the heart has long been noticed by people of art:

It was by the sea, where the fishnet foam,

Where seldom meets a city carriage...

The queen was playing - in the castle tower - Chopin,

And, in Chopin's ear, her henchman fell in love with her.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

And then she gave herself, she gave herself stormily,

"and slept as a slave till dawn...

"It was by the sea, where the waves are turquoise,

"where the foam and the sonata of a shepherd...

In our case, though, everything is not so openwork - questioning form of the sentence suggests some uncertainty of a passionate young man with a burning gaze in the happy outcome of the case. But let us wish him, at any rate, never to lose his love of sailing. And here no woman's whims will be able to shake the feeling of happiness in his heart!

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