"Gentlemen, you beasts, gentlemen."

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The "celebrations" commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic have subsided a little, and now we can try to assess the scale of the event. Of 2208 passengers and crew aboard the ship which sank on April 15, 1912, only 706 survived. "Titanic" touched the iceberg at 23:40 According to the ship time, and 2,5 hours later, it sank completely. And now, after 100 years, the mass of people tried to make money or a name for themselves on this tragedy.

The most famous among them, of course, is James Cameron. Collections of the film "Titanic" (1997) and its updated version in 3D, released in theaters April 4, 2012, passed the mark of $2 billion. Titanic has won 87 awards, including 11 Academy Awards. The film is the #2 highest-grossing film in the world!

The second number in our ranking of unscrupulousness is "Titanic". In New York, were auctioned, which were exhibited things related to the legendary liner. The main lot at the auction was an unused ticket for the ill-fated cruise, which started in the winter of 1912. He was sold for 56 250 dollars. Then the participants of the drawing were presented with a menu from the restaurant "Titanic", which, in addition to the expensive beef tenderloin with horseradish included such, to put it mildly, unusual dishes such as tongue neutered rooster. The menu sold for $31,250.

"Interest in Titanic is still very high",

- said Gregg Dietrich, maritime consultant for the auction.

Rounding out the top three was an event in Northern Ireland's Belfast, whose shipyards built the largest passenger liner in the world when it was built, where a memorial engraved with the names of more than 1,500 victims of the disaster was unveiled. The memorial was unveiled in a park close to Belfast Town Hall, where a memorial to the Titanic victims had stood since 1926.

"We are all proud of that ship. The disaster was what happened to it, not the ship itself."

- said Una Riley, head of the local Titanic Memorial Society.

Some might say it's a good cause. Well, then we can add that a grand Titanic Belfast theme park has opened right next to the memorial, and the Balmoral cruise liner has set sail from Southampton in the south of England to follow the originally planned Titanic route.

I wonder how this dancing on bones will end for the dancers themselves?

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