Diary of the 5th Russian Business Regatta. Day two

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Only the second day, only the third race and in all classes there are already almost unattainable leaders. In Sardinia division(Bavaria IRC, 10 crews) - Evgeniy Nikiforov, in Corse(Beneteau Oceanis 473, 6 crews) - eccentric Andrey Arbuzov, in Bonifaccio(Sun Odissey 49, 3 crews) - calm Bartan Arutyunyan. All three crews have already won all three races in their respective classes and will stop at nothing, only increasing their advantage. In La Maddalena division(Gibsea 51, 4 crews), on the contrary, nothing is unknown and will be changed once again. And in Maxi class the competitive part has completely given way to Italian «dolce far niente».

On the first day, one crew went to the start of the race with an ace overboard. And on the second day another boat finished with one sail, as it turned out, they had forgotten to put the rest «» .

Agree, there is a certain charm in this. After all, in the meantime Nikiforov's team, for example, before the start was engaged in a complete dismantling of the awning for half an hour, drained all the water, and during the race, when the wind left to be desired, kept the jib taut with their hands.

The weather was wonderful. Mistral did not disappoint anybody. Finish was against the wind and on strong waves. But the main intrigue was that the leader of the race, Nikiforov, could only guess where the finish point would be, which, because of the set of reappearing islands on the course, was not obvious at all. An already long race could have become especially spicy if he took the whole fleet in the wrong direction.

A beautiful Monday was marred not only by a day of mourning in Russia, but by two injuries to competitors. One injured his head with a boom before the start, but not as you would expect during the turn, and he fell on it without a retainer. Another fell into the hatch and injured his ribs. Fortunately there were no injuries. Several more participants dropped out of the competition, having realized that they came to the regatta only to sunbathe on the deck and wear beautiful stripes. For some time the public passionately discussed the immoral behaviour of the deserters, but by dinner time Dana Borisova flew in and forced to stop all this talk, as well as those fiercely debated over the accuracy and fairness of the handicap in the Bavaria division, and only one question hangs over her face «. Is the way she behaves and what she says - is it banter or serious?». The connoisseurs say it's serious. The more the merrier.

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