Diary of the 5th Russian Business Regatta. Day three

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The Santa Teresa Gallura - Bonifacio race brought a bit of intrigue to the competitive part of the regatta. After the fast and relatively easy victories of the previous day, it was time to see who would be better in the doldrums. In the Sardinia division after the first three races it seemed as if there would be no more intrigue. The advantage of Evgeny Nikiforov's crew over the second place boat of Pavel Karachov was 4 points and 8 points over the third.

Now the gap was reduced to only one point. The brilliant Nikiforov came in fourth and Karachov first. As the competition is not in mono-class but in handicap, the crew penalized that the difference between the two very close boats Bavaria 50 is in their offenders' jib, which is bigger on the previous model.

But honestly, during a race, even if it's an hour in one place, it's just not worth making pasta for lunch. The guys admit that it was the tastiest thing they've ever eaten, but they're definitely not going to repeat such gastronomic-tactical mistakes again.

According to the rules of the regatta, after one race the worst place of the team will burn out, and the god of Italian pasta will agree with the right wind.

Far from everyone had still finished when the race was stopped. We spent one day on the judging catamaran and are ready to confirm that the job there is not an easy one. It's all about waiting. Yes, pasta is plentiful, but without the spice from the ban and excitement, it's not as satisfying. No judging boats follow the participants along the course. After the start procedure, the judges simply wait at the finish line, entertaining themselves with minutes and sheets.

The reward for all for the agony during the race is Bonifacio Port with a fantastic fort on top of sheer cliffs. The next day has officially been declared «lazy day in Corsica». It will be followed by two decisive competition days. However, the more time passes, the more obvious it becomes that racing in a business regatta is far from the main thing. The main thing is participation. Mostly it is about noisy dinners and nightly gatherings on deck. Magnificent starry skies and the moon attached.

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