Shaw 650 sports yacht painted «girly» pink

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No sooner had we had a chance to make fun of Jessica Watson's new boat than the pinks arrived again. This time it was the Thais, who launched another hull in the fast-growing Shaw 650 keelboat class, a little south of Pattaya. She is equipped with a composite hull, full carbon rigging with two sets of risers, non-slip ethylene vinyl acetate deck, fabric sails with aramid fibers, mainsail with a "square" top. Everything a serious guy needs for serious racing. But no guys are going to race on her.

You can see why. The owner is a girl and she wants to organize a fully "girl's" professional team to participate at first in local and then in international regattas. For example, it is already known that World Champion 2010 in class "Optimist" Noppakao Punpat will be in the team. So the girls' bid for victory is not at all childish, in spite of frivolous design.

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