Boat VS car: which is cooler?

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The guys from the legendary Top Gear car show tested whether wind power or the internal combustion engine was cooler.

A £65 a day hatchback and a £700,000 boat were in the fray: Toyota Corolla versus an AC 45 catamaran! The route was along the New Zealand coast and was uneven in terms of miles - 410 miles on local roads and 220 miles on the water. But the speeds of these vehicles are also meaningless to compare.

«Toyota» was driven by Jeremy Clarkson, with the stellar Oracle Team USA racing against him, who got Top Gear presenter, James May, as a burden.

We won't reveal the intrigue of who turned out to be the fastest (and the process is more important here, played with a great sense of humor) - watch the 1st episode of the 20th season of the show, you won't regret it!

As a refresher, here are some quotes from James May, who was on a boat in combat conditions for the first time:

Walking on that boat is like jumping on a trampoline while someone pours buckets of salt water in your face and dries you with a blowtorch.

I already wanted to blow myself up on a mine just to get it over with.

- Sir Ben Ainslie?
- Yes!
- Don't take it personally, but it's bloody purgatory!

- Sir Ben Ainslie, sir? What do you do when you're on this boat?
- I think there was a bucket here somewhere.

- But look, she's worth £700,000! And you don't get a cabin for that money. You don't even get a chair or a table or even a floor.

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