AR 80dg: a sea of impressions and 4 tons of ice

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It is good to wander around the world, but sooner or later comes the moment to return home. The Arctic sailing regatta AR 80dg is coming to an end - its participants will arrive in Murmansk on Sunday, July 28.

And not empty-handed - the flagship of the fleet, sailing ship Peter the Great is carrying 4 tons of ice! The guys approached the issue thoroughly.

Recall that the Arctic regatta consisted of two stages: cruising and extreme. During the second stage the fleet sailed to the 80th parallel in the Franz Josef Land area. At the same time one of the boats accomplished a special mission - Alter Ego (with a Russian crew onboard) picked up several bow crosses on Solovetsky islands and went to the Yamal peninsula area, where it installed them on Bely Island, Serebryakov island and Zhelaniya cape. The winner of this stage of the regatta was the Polish yacht Lady Dana 44, captained by Rishard Wojnowski.

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