Update: International regatta yachts released

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The situation with the yachts of the international sailing regatta was cleared up. Adventure Race 80 dgwhich were detained by border guards in Murmansk port.

When we wrote about this story the first time, due to communication problems (the participants had lost their mobile phones) there was little information about the incident.

Now there are more details from the organizers of the regatta. The problems started on July 29, the day after the boats arrived to the port.

Daniil Gavrilov, organizer of the regatta and captain of the yacht «Peter I», border guards threatened with imprisonment from 3 to 5 years, and foreign yachts with deportation for illegal border crossing.

In the course of the proceedings and the intervention of human rights activists, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and other organizations, with which the regatta was initially coordinated, the situation was mitigated.

The captains spent the whole day of July 30 giving evidence and communicating with border guards. It was agreed that it was an administrative, not criminal offence. The captains admitted one charge - violation of landing on Franz Josef Land - and already paid the fine.

«For the foreign vessels» a fine of 2 thousand rbl. and for the organizer - 30 thousand rbl. The yachtsmen intend to appeal on this point as they do not admit their guilt.

Foreign yachts «Anne Margaretha» (Holland) and «Barlovento II» (Poland) were allowed to leave the port, deportation (implies a multi-year ban on visiting Russia) they are not threatened.

Unfortunately, the situation with the German vessel «Dagmar Aaen» has not moved on. Captain Arved Fuchs never received permission to visit Franz Josef Land. There is information that he decided to finish the expedition and leave Russia.

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