Benetti shipyard caught fire

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The fire on the 56-metre yacht FB261, moored at the Livorno shipyard hangars, broke out around 7am on Tuesday 20 August. None of the workers were on board at the time and, fortunately, no one was injured. The yacht was extinguished by four fire crews, boats from the water and volunteer squads. The fire was extinguished around 5pm. The yacht was in the process of final modifications and it was supposed to be finished within a month. The estimated cost of the yacht is 34 million Euros. There are no reports of the fire spreading to other buildings.

According to the shipyard representatives the fire might have been triggered by the weather conditions. There was a lightning storm in Livorno the night before and it might have caused the fire. No other official theories have been put forward, but rumors of possible arson surfaced along with the news of the fire.

One thing we can say with certainty: this is the second fire at the Livorno shipyard this year. A similar fire broke out on the morning of February 15th. It also caught fire in one of the unfinished buildings. The damage was minor and none of the employees were injured.

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