Survival boat races to be held in Moscow

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This Saturday, at exactly 12 noon, at the «Dynam»o Stadium , the World Powerboating Championships will start. The name «8 Hours of Moscow» speaks for itself - it's an endurance race that will last - well, yes, 8 hours. The race is on a closed circuit with a length of 2200 meters with 6 left turns and one right turn. According to competition rules, a competitor can drive a boat for no more than two hours in a row. Of course, with stops for refueling and crew changes.

The race is held on rigid-bottom inflatable motorboats. Participating classes include PR-1 (no outboard power restriction), PR-2, PR-3, and PR-4, with restrictions depending on category. Number of laps, penalties - if any - and compliance of the boat with technical requirements will be taken into account in determining the best.

More than one hundred competitors in three dozen crews will race. In class PR-1 races titled Russian athletes Andrey Bernitsyn (team Tauras-Fenix), Mikhail Kitashev and Andrey Panyushkin (Muscovites from New Star team). Moscow teams Elko and Harley Davidson will compete in PR-3. Besides tough guys on start there are equally tough girls: Petra Piko (Hungarowolf team), Nina Abrosova (Nina Motorsport) and an Estonian Kairi Rondo - by the way a participant of a beauty contest «Miss Estonia».

Admission is free. Details can be found on the official website of the event.

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