Virbac-Paprec MOD70 trimaran capsized during training


On the afternoon of 10 October, the trimaran Virbac-Paprec MOD70capsized off the French island of Belle-Ile during training before the Transat Jacques Vabre transatlantic race.

Jean-Pierre Dick and Roland Jourdain were on board with two people on board. The wind was in the region of 15 knots. A strong gust tilted the boat and the guys were unable to keep it from capsizing. Roland hid in the hull, Jean-Pierre was less fortunate, falling into the water and injuring his back, but was quickly able to climb aboard, where he waited for the rescue service. He was taken by helicopter to the hospital in Lorient, where he will be under medical supervision for two days.

As Roland told later, they were sailing in controlled conditions at 15 knots with gusts up to 18-20. However, the gust that «caught up with them», was much stronger. When the trimaran hovered «for several endless seconds», they did not expect it to end in a flip.

The footage was taken from a helicopter that was following the boat

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