Special Delivery

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The large-sized Azzam has been delivered to its owner. Although it had fallen into his hands a month ago, the shipyard has only now announced it. The Arabian sheikh probably did not want the crowds of paparazzi crowding around his property.

The 180m Azzam has been retired as Abramovich's Eclipse, the largest private yacht in the world. She has an impressive speed of over 30 knots for her size. However, according to experts, that's all there is to it. Sergei Dobroserdov, director of Nakhimov and one of Europe's leading megayacht specialists, is not optimistic about the market value of such a boat:

«Standard design techniques in the exterior, little space on the open decks, no beach-club and a good bathing platform. The yacht looks neither modern nor classic. Apparently prestige and the magic of big numbers take precedence over everything else. Size and speed yes, serious, but will the top ratings justify the increased noise, vibration and astronomical crew bills? » .

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