That's how they're driven.

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Generally speaking, it's customary, of course, for motor yachts to sail themselves - they say that's what they're built for. However, there are cases where it is tedious, unsafe and costly beyond reasonable limits.

That's when giants like this Tokyo - a heavy cargo ship to transport yachts. In the photo Tokyo is unloading a precious cargo of thirteen (!) boats, five of which are over 100 feet long. «The first yachts were loaded onboard in British Columbia, then the ship visited Mexico and Costa Rica for more» luggage space and finally the cargo has arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It is hard to tell at a glance that this tub(Feadship Strangelove, by the way) hanging on the hoists is 156 feet long and weighs 350 tons. However, this is a seed for the Tokyo - each of the two huge cranes on its deck have a lifting capacity of 700 tonnes. However, both jibs are used for unloading - so that the 350 tonne hull is not split in two - and the skill of the operators, who synchronise the two giant machines with precision, inspires a great deal of respect.

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