Wim van der Valk prepares to launch the first BeachClub

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March is March, which means that we are only a few weeks away from the launching of the first of the new wave of BeachClub aluminium motor yachts designed by Wim van der Valk at Ginton Naval Architects and Cor D. Rover. The company announced this on its social media channels.

The shipyard unveiled the new lineup back in 2016. The 18.6-meter BeachClub 600 was originally scheduled to be launched in 2017. However, construction has been delayed and the schedule has been pushed back, in part because the boat has grown by almost half a meter to 19.05 meters during the design process. After the launch the BeachClub600 will undergo sea trials and then begin a world tour of boat shows.

The long wait for the new Wim van der Valk will certainly pay off, with two premieres instead of just one over the next six months. The 20.5m BeachClub 660 Flybridge is nearing completion. Not only will it be bigger, it will also be a little faster than the BeachClub 600. Instead of two Volvo Penta IPS-950 engines, the Flybridge model will feature two Volvo Penta IPS-1050 engines. «By increasing the power by 75 hp (from 727 to 800») the maximum speed of the boat will be raised from 24 to 25 knots. Cruising speed will remain the same: 19.2 knots.

However, the 660 Flybridge will not be able to travel to trade shows with its bigger sister. She is now sold and will be delivered to her owner in July.

«It was amazing to see the design come to life in these first two boats. The concept of the engines (they have been moved under the swim platform, itBoat's note) and the aft swim platform create an incredible beach club space with the perfect balance between safety and being as close to the water as possible. The connection to the ocean will be phenomenal, and the size and flexibility of this area will be amazing»," says Cor Di Rover of the new boats.

Buoyed by her success, the yard has already begun parallel construction of the second hull of the 660 model. The boat will be ready for delivery in the spring of 2020.

In addition to the large Beachclub, the Beachclub series has another design feature that sets it apart from its competitors.

«Another radical innovation is the elimination of the full height ramming bulkhead that runs across the lower deck all the way down to the main deck. Instead we are using a partial bulkhead that has allowed us to keep in touch with the ocean along the entire length of the lower deck, literally down to the foredeck master suite. This creates a fantastic open feeling on the lower deck, which is further enhanced by the large windows»," notes Cor Di Rover.

The beach club and the lower deck cabins are on one level: there are no steps, making the yacht friendly. «friendly» As for the BeachClub's interiors, clients can choose from four versions conceived by Cor Di Rover (Ibiza, Sardegna, Mallorca and Corse) or they can propose their own ideas.

The BeachClub range will not be limited to the 600 and 660. The yard intends to launch a 25-meter model with an extended flybridge and a 30-meter flagship.

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