Finnish border guards were frightened by a three-headed monster that turned out to be a Russian boat

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On a foggy Sunday morning, the standard procedure for checking vessels sailing in the Gulf of Finland near the Finnish border turned out to be a surprise for border guards.

The Finnish Coast Guard sent a patrol boat to check a suspicious vessel that looked like a three-headed monster in the fog. « Monster» turned out to be a Russian boat with a freakishly decorated hull, the bow figure of which is made in the form of the hero of Russian fairy tales Zmey Gorynych.

Inspection of ships sailing in the Gulf of Finland near the Finnish border is standard procedure, but the border guards have never come across anything like this before, says Jarmo Hakkinen, head of the local Coast Guard Headquarters.

The boat, which alerted the Finnish border guards, was built in Togliatti , in the orthodox settlement Bogatyrskaya Sloboda. It is not difficult to guess that the name of the 16-meter long boat is «Zmey Gorynych».

According to the captain «Gorynych Zmey» Andrei Samohlebov, who was found «Fontanka», the boat was built using old Russian technologies.

«The latter, however, did not prevent the boat from being equipped, in addition to direct sailing armament and oars, with an engine with 46 (!)».

The three dragon heads symbolize the three brothers - the first Russian princes Rurik, Sineus and Truvor.

In the Gulf of Finland «Gorynych Serpent» appeared in the expedition «Rurik's Way». The aim of the expedition is to retrace the route of the Vikings to Old Ladoga and to find the mysterious island in the Baltic Sea, from which, according to legend, the founder of the Rurik dynasty started his journey.

The leader of the expedition is hieromonk father Theoktist from Togliatti. In addition to him on board of the boat there are a few more people and a dog named Varyag.

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