Shipyard fire turns «largest fire damage in Fort Lauderdale history»

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Two yachts totaling about $24 million burned at the Universal Marine Centre shipyard in U.S.Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, November 16.

According to fire officials, the fire broke out at about 4:43 a.m. on a 2006-built 49-meter Trinity Lohengrin and then winds tossed the blaze onto a 1997-built 32.6-meter Christensen Reflections. It took firefighters about four hours to contain the fire.

The boats have been placed side by side for the duration of the repairs. According to some reports cited by International Boat Industry in particular, the crew of the Lohengrin had been on board the night before.

The Lohengrin alone has a crew of up to 10 people. Reflections has four bedrooms aboard. The boats are valued at $12-16 and $8 million respectively.

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