In Denmark, a 720-ton lighthouse was moved on rails to save it from collapse

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The sea threatened to erode the sandy shore below the 120-year-old Rubjerg Knud lighthouse in Northern Jutland, Denmark,and bring it down by 2023. In 1899-1900 the building was built at a distance of about 200 meters from the shore, and now the water came close to it. But«the treasure of the nation» managed to save.

It took a particularly difficult 10-hour operation: In October, the 23-meter, 720-tonne building was placed on rails and gently pulled 70 meters away from the edge of the cliff at a speed of about 8 to 12 meters per hour. After planning and preparing the transportation took 10 weeks, the lighthouse, which has been closed to visitors since 2002, will once again be accessible to tourists for the next 40 years.

Rubjerg Knud ceased to perform its primary function in 1968. The lighthouse operated for 68 years and then became a museum.

In honor of its reopening, a big celebration was held on November 16.

«Videos were projected on the building, songs were sung at the entrance to the lighthouse, and acrobats walked on its wall».

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