Britons rescued after shipwreck off Bermuda

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A British couple and their dog have been rescued after the travellers were stranded on the high seas during a major storm.

The sailors' yacht, the 49-foot Bleu Pearl, went down 900 miles off Bermuda. Liz and Leonard Roark made the decision to jump overboard, taking Dexter's terrier with them. Also overboard was Henry Wortleiter, a member of the ship's crew.

«The exact cause of the sinking is not named, only it is known that by then the boat had already been floundering for two days» a strong storm.

The victims had to spend several hours on a small raft at night during the storm. However, they were eventually rescued by a tanker that changed course to come to the rescue.

The vessel was 36 miles from where the yacht had sunk when it received the distress signal. The tanker will take the owners of Bleu Pearl to Bermuda and then continue on to Mexico.

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