Sweden to launch «electric steamer», capable of recharging in 10 minutes

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» Swedish company Green City Ferries is preparing to launch the world's first «fast-charging electric-powered passenger ferry.

According to representatives of the company, the vessel with a capacity of 100 people will take only 10 minutes to recharge. The energy stored in such a short time is sufficient to take the ferry from Solna to the Old Town (Gamla Stan), for example.

«The engine will need to be recharged hourly, which makes the boat ideal for short journeys: it can be used while passengers are boarding».

This type of transport is eco-friendly and economical - using electricity will save 50,000 liters of diesel fuel per trip.

A ferry called Movitz is to start operation in August. In Norway, the launch of a similar vessel (although for car transportation) is planned for 2015.

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