The film about the 16-year-old "round-the-worlder" is now available on iTunes

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A documentary about young Dutch girl Laura Dekker is available on the US iTunes Store. The film can be rented for 99 cents or purchased for $10.

Unfortunately, the picture is only available for owners of the U.S. account on the Apple Store - the Russian version of the iTunes Store movie is not yet available (whether it will appear later is difficult to say). However, Russian users can purchase the soundtrack to the film.

Recall « that Maidentrip is a biopic» about a solo circumnavigation of the globe by a 16-year-old Dutch girl.

The film is a documentary of 82 minutes duration and is accompanied by Laura Dekker's own commentary.

The film has already been shown on the small screen in the US. The film has received positive reviews from critics: for example, on Rotten Tomatoes its rating is 80%, IMDB users, in their turn, gave the material a rating of 7.6.

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