«Mr. Las Vegas's yacht» sank in minutes

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Las Vegas artist Wayne Newton has lost his yacht. This week, a video surfaced on the Web of his 65-foot vessel disappearing underwater in a matter of minutes. The yacht sank back in the fall, but the video of the incident was published only now.

An investigation into the incident revealed that there had been an accident. The boat sank as a result of the failure of two hoses to drain the liquid from the storage compartment - one hose was kinked and the other was not properly connected.

No people were injured, but the Lake Mead yacht (a 1996 Skipperliner model) was not recoverable. The property aboard her was also lost.

The owner of the boat, American singer and musician Wayne Newton was known for his gigs in entertainment venues in Las Vegas, where he was dubbed Mr. Entertainment and Mr. Las Vegas. He also recorded several popular songs in the 60s and 80s.

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