Zapato Racing has crossed a flyboard and a surfboard


Zapata Racing, the inventor of the Flyboard, has unveiled its new brainchild, the Hoverboard.

At first glance, Flyboard and Hoverboard are very similar: both devices connect to a jet ski and allow the user to float above water and dive to shallow depths.

The difference lies in the fact that «hoverboard» (this is the name, by the way, was worn by Marty McFly skateboard from «Back to the Future 2») is very similar to a surfboard, and therefore allows you to move in the characteristic way of the sport.

«Unlike», which releases jets of water through two holes in a foot platform and two stabilizers on the forearms, the Hoverboard makes do with a single, powerful jet that pushes people into the air, located on the back of the board.

Hoverboard allows you to accelerate up to 25 km / h, «take off» to a height of 5 meters or dive to a depth of 4 meters. The product will cost about $6,000. Zapata Racing plans to sell it around the world. But only for people over 16 years old and only from 2015. At the moment it is possible to place a pre-order.

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