World Championship for Blind Yachtsmen to be held in September


The regatta, in which blind yachtsmen from different countries can participate, will be held in the waters of Lake Michigan from 9 to 14 September. The competition has received the status of the World Championship.

At the moment 16 teams have expressed their desire to race off the shores of Sheboygan. Crews will represent Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Spain, New Zealand, Japan , and the USA.

The event will be supported by the International Associationfor Disabled Sailing.

According to the rules of the competition, each nominated crew must consist of three blind athletes. While navigating the course they must be guided by the sounds of hydroacoustic buoys.

The races will be held in a match race format. Unified 23-foot Sonar class boats «» are planned to be used as competition boats.

It is worth noting that the anticipated event will be only the second international competition for the blind in which a sighted coach will not assist his charges.

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