Yacht of ex-King of Spain to be sold for €2.2 million

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The yacht of the former king of Spain will be sold for €2.2 million. The vessel will be bought by Balearia Eurolineas Maritimas.

It should be noted that the 41.5-meter yacht Fortuna will be given to the new owner «almost for nothing».

At the time of her construction in 2000 she was valued at €21m and in 2014 she was offered for €10m, after a couple of months on the market she was reduced by 20% to €8.5m. Even then Arrival Yachts, the company that sold her, said further price reductions were possible if no buyers were found.

Juan Carlos, who abdicated a little more than a month ago, received «Fortuna» as a gift, but as it was too expensive to maintain it, he decided to give it up.

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