Big flying fish

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DesignerAras Kazar' s latest project is inspired... no, not by music. The designer was inspired by the unique fish species'piscis volans', or flying fish. « The prototype» is easily recognisable in the flattened, streamlined contours of the concept. The intricate curves of the continuous glass dome that forms the superstructure are reminiscent of a fish hump or the lantern of a modern fighter jet.

Another thing that makes the concept similar to a flying fish and a fighter jet is the wings. In the current trend for environmentally friendly design the planner integrates a set of solar cells in two retractable panels on the sides of the boat. These extend outwards to generate power for the boat's entire equipment when moored. All this hardware retracts into the hull when underway - or it could really take off. The three 6,300 horsepower engines will each give a top speed of 40 knots, a lot for a 42-metre boat.

Named Blue Peace(probably to spite one salvage yard) she is expected to be built in aluminium, wood and glass. Although, the editorial staff can't refuse feeling that somewhere she knows about such kind of dream of mind...

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