A futuristic rowing boat will cross the Atlantic

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Andras Bakos, the Hungarian amateur yachtsman, and his New Zealand partner Erik Harrenvinj will embark on a trans-Atlantic cruise in a Samson propeller boat, which looks like the spaceship of the future. The rowers don't just want to test their mettle; they also want to draw attention to pollution problems.

The idea for such a journey was born in 2011, at the same time Bakos joined forces to prepare for the project with LOMOcean Design, the authors of «solar» Turanor PlanetSolar. In 2012 the construction of the Samsontrimaran was started through the joint efforts of the enthusiasts.

» The boat has an unusual design, weighs about a ton, has a length of 13.4 meters and is equipped with «smart electronics.

The expedition participants plan to row 24 hours a day, in turns, and to cover 6116 kilometers in 60-80 days. The start of the journey from New York to Paris is scheduled for May 2015.

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