Bargate Murray: «People are already discussing next year!»

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This year's Monaco Yacht Show was held from September 23-26 and was the biggest ever, with 110 yachts in the Port of Hercules. But it is not just the number of yachts that measures the success of the show - perhaps the most important thing here is maintaining old contacts and making new ones. Every year representatives of shipyards and all related businesses, without which big yachts cannot be built and sold, come here. In fact, it's time to take stock of the Monegasque meetings, some of which took place at a four-day event hosted by Bargate Murray called «A Vintage Year For Superyachts» and concluded with a private Russian party. View a photo gallery of the event at the link, video can be found here.

We asked organizers and sponsors of the event how productive for them the show was and the chosen format for the meetings in the Vintage Bar.

«Monaco Yacht Show is the key annual event for the superyacht industry and for us - as a leading law firm working in the superyacht and aviation industry - the four-day event in the Vintage Bar was a great success. We made new contacts, met clients - all in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. We want to thank our partners for their significant contributions.

We closed this successful show with an exclusive party for our special guests - a Russian Party with champagne, caviar and our own Russian DJ. People are already talking about next year! » Quentin Bargate, Senior Partner at Bargate Murray.

«The Monaco show was successful in every way and the Russian Party was one of its highlights. If you're in the business where your job is to help with the buying and selling of large yachts, this is the place to be. It brings together all the right people and has a wonderful atmosphere that is conducive to both business and enjoyment». Bob Allen, Robert Allen Law.

«Participation in MYS gives access to the large yacht segment, allows to establish contacts with the major players in the market of yachting services. The agreements reached during the exhibition allow us to provide a high level of service and insurance coverage at the level of the leading yacht insurers of the world». Egor Kanunnikov, «Rosgosstrakh».

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